Membership Criteria

Individual members of a state membership shall be limited to those individuals who have direct responsibility for the administration of TRS and/or TRS support staff for their respective states, state relay advisory council members, and state officials responsible for the oversight of the TRS administrative unit (e.g., Public Service Commission, Commissioners, supervisors, and elected/appointed state officials).

Individuals shall not be denied membership on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, numerical limitation, or disability.

If a determination is necessary about qualifications for state membership or of individual members, officers of NASRA shall be responsible for performing the necessary background investigation and resulting determination.

The whole of all individual members from a single state shall constitute a state membership.

State memberships must be current, including the payment of dues, in order for individuals of that state to be individual members.

Only one vote per state membership represented shall be allowed during the course of any decision item or election. It shall be cast by the individual member designated to cast a vote for that state membership.